Are You Brave Enough For A Little Website Traffic Promotion BLOG_POST

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Are You Brave Enough For A Little Website Traffic Promotion BLOG_POST

mídias sociais

Are You Brave Enough For A Litte Website mídias sociais Traffic Promotion ? You’ve applied all the usual rules of website traffic promotion, and you’re getting respectable results …

But there’s a product launch ( your first ) you’ve got looming towards you, a couple of weeks or so from now.

mídias sociais
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If you’re outgoing to begin with, and don’t mind making a noisy splash, there’s one strategy you might enjoy trying …

You Don’t Have To Fall Out Of Your Limo When comedienne Kathy Griffin arrived in England, nobody there knew her at all.

She fell out of her limo – and reporters rushed to snap the newsworthy sight !

I’m still not sure if she copied it from a movie, or TV – or if they copied her ! But the point is, for Griffin, this strategy work.

Now, you don’t have to fall out of your limo … but you can incite attention – getting buzz by thinking up an equally public way to guarantee you get your name in lights.

( Exactly how, I’ll leave up to creative, outgoing you ! )

Just make sure you pay attention to one crucial detail, and you can reap results as spectacular as Kathy Griffin did, on that occasion.

Social Networking forums Your affiliate sites Just make very sure your website and USP are firmly connected to it – and you’re sure to set your name in internet marketing lights !


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