3 strategies that will drive your more social media traffic

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3 strategies that will drive your more social media traffic

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3 Strategies That Will Drive – Fórmula Negócio Online – You More Social Media Traffic Many businesses have embraced content marketing and are publishing content on a regular basis to help build an audience and increase traffic to their websites.

Create a LinkedIn Group Add Tweetable Quotes Throughout Your Blog Posts A great way to increase social traffic to your website is by including quotes and phrases to your blog posts that your readers can quickly tweet.

This is a much more effective strategy for increasing your social traffic than merely placing a ” Tweet This ” button at the end of your post.


Whether you are releasing an eBook or a white paper, you can generate more downloads by making those who want to download the information send out a tweet to gain access.

While most of the time you will want to get an email address in order for your audience to read the information, so you can build your email list, having people tweet to download the information can increase your social traffic substantially.

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Making users pay with a tweet is an effective strategy and you ‘ ll find that most people don ‘ t have an issue tweeting about your business.

Gaining more social traffic doesnÕt have to be a difficult or time – consuming venture.

With these three simple strategies, you can reach more readers and increase traffic to your website quickly.


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